Value Yourself

A common theme that has been reoccurring in conversations I’ve been having lately has to do with people valuing themselves. We are absolutely our toughest critics and speaking from experience, when you value yourself and your purpose- you’re unstoppable! Recently it was brought to my attention that someone was mocking me (they will remain nameless)Continue reading “Value Yourself”

Good Stress vs Bad Stress

We all have stress that we feel every day. It’s completely normal and a part of our evolutionary response to the outside world. However, did you ever take a moment to think about good stress versus bad stress in your life? Let me explain a bit further! Good stress examples include some of the following:Continue reading “Good Stress vs Bad Stress”

Making Changes

This entry was sparked by one of my best friends after we exchanged a few texts this morning. She was complaining of stomach aches, fatigue and digestion issues and had to call off of work. We spoke for a little and she thought it had to do with anxiety and stress, which without giving awayContinue reading “Making Changes”