About Me!

In my introduction, you read about me already so I won’t bore you too much with the details. I’m a 27 year old who has been through some shit in the last few years (like most of us in our twenties) and I want to share some lessons and advice with all of you.

A lot of what I’ll talk about might be shocking to some of my family considering they probably didn’t know a lot of what they may read, but I’m happily married and healthy now living in Las Vegas with my incredible husband, Jon.

Jon has been my rock through everything and if I had to dedicate this blog to anyone it’s him and my parents. I could cry right now writing about how these people that supported me and loved me no matter what I was doing and never gave up hope. My dad is my best friend and I’m more like him than probably anyone else. Our most prominent feature? How loud we are. My mom is who I get my attitude and spunk from and she’s a badass who still amazes me to this day. My brother, Jesse, has a soul older than our ages combined and has a natural gift for music. He will definitely be famous one day, he plays the guitar with the lightest and fastest fingers and has this, well like I said just natural gift. My sister, technically half sister but fuck that she’s my sister is my “go-to,” when I need to vent and not be judged nor given advice. If we don’t talk at least once a day, I’m thrown off. My best friend and cousin, Aimee, is my lifeline. She’s been in my life for my entire life and is a role model to me. I mean she’s a nurse, wife, mom, friend, the list goes on and she just kills it no matter what role she’s taking on. Sonia, who is my best friend since high school and is the TRUE definition of a BEST FRIEND. I can always tell when she’s texting me because my phone will ring 16 times in a row with texts from her that could’ve been summed up in probably one or two messages- haha! Also, Kaleigh, who’s like a supermom who does more than what one person can do in one hour in a full day. She manages her family, is an incredible teacher and mother, and an even better friend. My other cousin, Rachel, travels the world as a head chef, captain, first mate, yoga teacher, fire dancer and ocean diving goddess. I can’t explain her to you, she’s just fuckin amazing and we call one another soul sisters. She’s always been a motivator and loving supporter in my life.

Above are the people that are in my closest circle. These people know everything about me, stuck with me through my dark times and are still here in the good times. No matter where in the world I am, I can count on them. There’s only a few of them, but that’s the point. Thus, my “about me,” is technically about the people in my life that make me who I am. I love you all and if you read this, I hope you find comfort in knowing how much you all mean to me!

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