Value Yourself

A common theme that has been reoccurring in conversations I’ve been having lately has to do with people valuing themselves. We are absolutely our toughest critics and speaking from experience, when you value yourself and your purpose- you’re unstoppable!

Recently it was brought to my attention that someone was mocking me (they will remain nameless) because I do not work a full time job. I’m not going to spend the next few paragraphs justifying what I do throughout one day and how I’m involved with community groups, animal welfare projects, piano lessons, yoga practices, cooking and nutrition, and more. It did hurt my feelings for a minute because I was always someone who worked two jobs minimum and went to college full time. However, I recognized my emotions and moved on.

What I’ve realized is everyone has a different story, a different life and different reasons as to why they are who they are. Yes, it’s human nature to judge and that’s okay. However, when you start to insult someone before understanding them- that’s where I draw the line. Be proud of who you are and hold your ground strong. Stand tall in the rain and you’ll blossom into a beautiful human being.

It’s easier said than done to not let what people say about you, affect you. Please know I am not saying not to take criticism, as I think it’s quite healthy and proactive to have our loved ones give us feedback. All I’m saying is you need to individually be your own motivation and cheerleader. Keep trying things in life, keep experiencing, keep falling down and getting back up. The most successful people and happy people I know are the ones who weren’t afraid to fail, who made mistakes, who got back up and kept moving forward despite what others would say.

Even the dull and the ignorant have their story, this world is still a beautiful place and you still have just as important of a reason to be here as anyone else!



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