Good Stress vs Bad Stress

We all have stress that we feel every day. It’s completely normal and a part of our evolutionary response to the outside world. However, did you ever take a moment to think about good stress versus bad stress in your life? Let me explain a bit further!

Good stress examples include some of the following: starting a new job, getting a promotion, moving into a new house, taking a vacation, and even trying for a baby! Examples of bad stress can include losing a job, filing for divorce, not being able to afford your bills, etc. Regardless of the type of stress we feel, our brain perceiving stress is a vital system needed for survival. We’ve all heard of the fight-or-flight response which is where our body will start producing epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol. As your body produces these hormones and neurotransmitters you’re likely to begin to feel an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, as well as laser-sharp focus.

This is not a bad thing, there are many times where stress helps us meet daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly goals by fueling us to try and do better. There are some studies that even suggest minor stress helps fuel our immune system! The most important part of all this without boring you and giving you an anatomy and physiology lesson- HOW do you cope with stress?

We need our outlets when dealing with overwhelming feelings in our lives. There’s nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed at times, it is in fact a part of being human. Some of the most successful people absolutely feel stress, but they find ways to release it! Personally, I fell in love with yoga. Yoga helps me get grounded, train my mind to let go (momentarily) of things that might be causing me stress at the moment, and becoming present.

Some ways people may decompress and recharge not only includes yoga and working out, but also painting, drawing, cooking, building things, reading, listening to music, dancing, running, walking, swimming, hiking, and although I shouldn’t preach this- smoking a joint or drinking a glass of wine will never hurt, or two… or three.

Regardless, the goal is to recognize your stress, find ways to manage it, cope with it and move forward. FIND SOLUTIONS. Life will continue to unfold as it should and there are way more scenarios in life that we can not control verses the ones we can control. How we respond to stressors is key to living a better life. I’m not going to sugarcoat things for you, I’m not saying you won’t want to scream “what the fuck!” at times. But, the quicker you can accept WHO you are and WHAT makes you motivated, the quicker you can find outlets for stress and you will handle whatever gets thrown your way. Remember, you’re making progress not perfection!

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