Fun in the Sun

Climbing around Arch Rock in Valley of Fire State Park 3/14/2021

Something we all need to do more of is, in fact, get outside. I am a strong believer in this idea for the simple fact it does improve your mood. I know we all don’t live in places where we can get outside year round, but it’s worth a shot. Countless scientific evidence has proven that sunlight increases the amount of serotonin produced in your brain, leading to an increase in energy and mood. People that suffer from seasonal depression can purchase artificial light to “increase” their mood if they’re stuck inside an office all day.

You might think this is funny but when I was studying for anatomy and physiology- I would sometimes be cooped up in my office all day. I bought this thing called a “happy light,” and it sure was bright, made me laugh, and thusssssss increased my energy, mood, and ability to stay calm.

Yesterday my husband and I took the dogs to Valley of Fire where we got our taste of sunshine and got up close and personal with nature. I am well aware we are beyond blessed to live under two hours from this beautiful state park, but it doesn’t mean these kinds of hidden gems aren’t outside your window. I’d highly recommend looking up parks in your area, must-see attractions. My goodness the internet is a beautiful tool to look up places in your state that you MUST visit. DO IT. Explore the outdoors and if your stuck inside, buy a happy light and wait for summer hahaha! In the meantime, I’m curious! Share with me some of the beautiful places you didn’t know were right outside your back door.


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