Booty Work

There’s something about our generation that LOVES butts. I’m talking a nice, round, not too hard, not too soft bubble butt. The thing is we want to look the best without putting in the work. There’s so many fads online that advertise that their specific content will indeed give you an ass.

I hate to break it to you- but there’s really three things that matter. One- genetics. This is probably the most important because we are who are parents’ are/were. My father has always had strong legs and my mom is Sicilian with a beautiful body. Both of my parents, luckily, are healthy and without tooting my own horn- they’re good looking people.

With that, genetics isn’t the only thing that helps us maintain or gain, or lose weight. Which leads me to number two- diet. DIET DIET DIET. No, I’m not saying that you need to sit there and eat a piece of grass for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m saying you need to eat what your body wants. Carbs and fats have been looked down upon for so many decades but truthfully we need them. They matter more than anything, our mood depends on carbs, our cellular function relies on fats. YES proteins are a major part of physiological processes down to a cellular level, but we need balance, too.

I found that with proper diet and believe it or not yoga, my ass grew. I also quit doing drugs, like cocaine, so I was able to gain weight. Gaining weight isn’t a bad thing either. This all leads to number three- exercise and I guess technically number four- sleep. It’s really not that hard, maintain a healthy diet, sleep right and workout at least three to four days a week and you will see a difference.

Working out doesn’t mean going to a gym, it means walking a mile or two a day- start there. Do burpees in your living room, run up and down your stairs. Get the heart rate up and sweat a little. I do recommend working with a trainer or nutritionist especially if you have underlying health issues or health issues that run in your family (remember- genetics).

My point? Stop overanalyzing everything you see on twitter, instagram, snapchat, facebook, whatever the hell you see it on. Listen to your body, listen to pain, the quicker we can recognize what we actually need then we can start somewhere!

In this photo I’m using BFR Bands, which are blood flow resistance bands. They help build the booty!

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