Friends and Healthy Habits

Splits with my fur babies in Calico Basin, Red Rock Canyon!

I had a friend visit these last few days out in Vegas- where I know live. We did so much exploring with my two pups- I’m talking Red Rock Canyon and then heading to Valley of Fire, looking at petroglyphs from civilizations long before us. I am quite aware I’m lucky to live in an area that is typically warm enough all year to go outdoors.

Moving to Las Vegas was the biggest change of my life thus far. I left everything I knew, all the back roads, businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels, casino, bars and more. Everywhere I went someone knew me and it was getting to the point that I didn’t like it anymore. I may sound a bit pompous right now, but I loved being the center of attention- for good reasons. I loved making people happy, I loved making people smile and certainly enjoyed making someone’s day. I still DO like to do these things, but I had to learn to be alone.

Out in Vegas, there’s hundreds of thousands of people that visit, probably millions prior to Covid and there’s thousands of wonderful people that live here- also not so wonderful. For the most part everyone that lives here isn’t really from here. It’s rare to find someone that’s Native to Vegas, but I did! One of my first friends that I made out here I made over the phone. I was ordering weed for delivery, yeah you read that right, and they were out of the particular product I wanted. So, she called me back and we laughed a bit and I casually said, “Listen I don’t mind at all what you have. I smoke pretty much every day and we just moved here from PA. I’m honestly still in awe that I can get weed delivered, so you can surprise me!” with that she asked where I was from in Pennsylvania, by which I told her Bethlehem. Can you believe she lived in Bethlehem for a few years?! I was like OKAY this is a sign from the Universe. Check, first friend made. I met her at work, then we hung out and smoked and now she’s one of my closest friends here. It’s great when you meet good people and just know it. It’s not that I was naive and trusted right away, but I believe in emotional intelligence and with some training- you can develop really good intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. I’m learning many lessons in life and a lot of them were not to trust so easily- again I’ll share those stories for another day.

Cherish great friendships, but know the good ones from the bad. They shouldn’t be 50/50 just like a romantic relationship. When my husband has a bad day, I’m there for him because most likely he’s stressed about work. I typically am a happy person, because I CHOSE to be. It takes effort, but surrounding yourself with the right people, sleep, diet, exercise and self care are part of this routine. HAVING A PURPOSE is also very important- whether that’s a job, hobby, sport, art, you name it. Stress all you want, but have time to recharge. Little things like this make a huge difference. If you’re lucky to count your true friends on one hand on your death bed, you’re lucky! It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.

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