I’m still not sure if this is working, but I love to write so enjoy!

I have a journal that I write in almost every day. It’s wild looking back on this last year… we lost our four-month old puppy to distemper virus, I cheated on my husband and was battling a cocaine addiction still, and on top of it Covid was everywhere you looked, listened and fuck, dreamt.

In the middle of my lost, depressed state of mind I decided to make a change. I mean I was at the crossroad AGAIN because trust me when I say, I didn’t change overnight. Here I was, 25 years old with my life ahead of me still but man I had been through some shit. We all go through some shit, and this isn’t the place where I’m going to start to tell mine but stories- do I have them. People? I can expose them. Pictures, texts, I have it all. Us millennials, I used to feel shitty for being one but I have to say I love being in this generation. We have the best of both worlds, we know technology but also know what life is like without it.

We’ve just started our lives, the prime of our lives and those of us that are still here are lucky to be here. We know it. I live in a place where the sun shines most of the time but there’s snow covered mountains in the distance. The sky is so fuckin’ blue it amazes me, I look up all the time for airplanes so high in the sky they’re the size of ladybug. At night I see satellites- there’s so many. Okay I got off topic describing where I live, but the point is it’s a hell of a lot different than where I used to live.

Bethlehem, PA is a great place to live and grow up. It’s a safe place, getting a little crowded but there’s room for growth and there’s mountains, cities and suburbs. You’re an hour from the Poconos, a little over an hour to NYC and the Jersey Shore. It’s really a great place, but this year through all the shit that happened my husband and I ended up moving to Las Vegas. We actually live in Henderson, NV which is gorgeous. I love it, it’s different and at 27 years old I was ready to gooooo!

Back to all the shit that happened- I discovered yoga this last year. I, like many, found a new passion, art, meditation, call it what you want I loved it, yoga changed my life. I gained about 25lbs but it was healthy weight. I quit cocaine and any tobacco products. Before you think I’m a total health freak- I’m not. I smoke weed (a joint doesn’t hurt me) and I like a good margarita. I workout and hike weekly and do yoga daily.

I could write a book bringing you all to right now and today but I’m content with what I wrote so far. We all have moments in life where we come to a crossroads, and we know we want to change. Do you? Why? Why not? We don’t always need to change, I knew what was right and knew who I was, under all the bullshit I knew who I wanted to be. I’m curious if others out there, who even cared to read this far. Do you have a moment that pivoted your life to bring you to who you are today? 🙂 more to come!

Namaste ~

2 thoughts on “I’m still not sure if this is working, but I love to write so enjoy!

  1. It amazes me day in and day out what you learn through social media/ platforms such as this blog. Looking from the outside In this blog is a reminder that no matter how “perfect” someone’s life looks there are inner demons and challenges internally that they too are facing. This article grounded me… it allowed me to reflect on both the good and bad in life and gave me inspiration to gain control over the bad and make differences in small steps for the long run in improving the quality of life. Keep strong and stay focused ❤️

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    1. Your comment really moved me.. thank you for sharing. I absolutely agree that everyone has challenges and inner demons. I hope you continue to grow and if I can help in any way please don’t hesitate to reach out privately too! You too, stay strong and keep on going girl! 🥰✨


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